14 May 2015

Discover the world of travel with ESTEL

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The HAUTE COUTURE ESTEL contest brought together accredited HC managers and coaches from all over the country and introduced them to the true magic of the HAUTE COUTURE ESTEL collection.

The project lasted for almost a year, the results were summarized monthly and the tension mounted! The interim winners got their gifts, but everyone was surely looking forward to the main prize - a trip for two to any city in Europe. After a fair competition, the winners were selected and they departed on their trip of a lifetime. After returning from their well-deserved vacation, they shared with us their impressions and emotions:

“I have always wanted to see someone who won a truly valuable prize! And when I learned that I was that person, I was just overwhelmed. I went on the trip with a colleague who has worked as a technologist for more than 10 years. But there was no work for us to do this time - just rest and relaxation! We chose to go to Rome, and we never regretted our choice: the historic downtown area is simply magnificent! I was also very much impressed with a tour of the Vatican. I would like to thank everyone at ESTEL for our Italian adventure! Let me wish the entire ESTEL team every success and great prosperity.” Lyudmila Parkhomenko

“Thank you to ESTEL for organizing our trip to Italy! I am looking forward to a new competition and new journeys. I fell in love with Italy almost instantly, and I formed great impressions from the very start of our trip as we were being transferred from the airport to the hotel - when we saw all the blooming tulips. The festive spring mood never left us throughout the vacation. During our visit we visited many very beautiful places!” Yulia Malysheva

“We had a great trip. Our hotel was conveniently located downtown, we had a great sightseeing tour around all the major sights and landmarks of Rome! The Italian capital is a very warm, hospitable and cozy city, and the locals are very nice to tourists and guests. My daughter and I were very much impressed. We saw some interesting places and were very happy to learn more about this beautiful city. I want to thank ESTEL for our wonderful trip to Rome!” Olga Anikina

“Thank you to ESTEL for organizing a great vacation to the beautiful city of Prague. Everything was interesting and lots of fun. Our vacation coincided with a beautiful season - the spring, when every plant is green and in full bloom. Prague is a beautiful and ancient city with many architectural masterpieces, where every stone and brick boasts its own history. The parks are magnificent and expansive, with beautiful peacocks strolling around - so beautiful that we did not want to leave them! Prague is a very clean city. The local residents are very friendly to tourists. The hotel was located in a very beautiful place, within a short walking distance to almost every city landmark. The city tour was very informative and we learned a lot about the history and culture of the Czech Republic. In conclusion, I want to say that I am looking forward to coming back again so that I might walk the streets of Prague once more and discover more of its history.” Alexander Yakovlev.