World of ESTEL

Traditions and innovations.

Versatility and own style.

Functionality and exclusivity.

Art and science. Soul and technology.

People. Their emotions. That’s what ESTEL is.

What stimulated us? What provided the impetus to begin? A dream that you can make people happier. This dream inspires us 365 days a year – every second. And it is embodied in our work – every moment.

We like to create new things. But life at ESTEL is not a race for innovation. The main thing is the amount of emotion per innovation.

We make every product ideal, because we know who we are working for. We produce perfect things for perfect people.

The core values of ESTEL are embodied in all our projects. Giving. Uniting. Being useful.

They say the main thing that distinguishes us is our view of the future. What do we see there ahead?

What do we want? What is the future that we are approaching with each step? An open world with millions

of opportunities. With millions of happy people.

Welcome to the world of ESTEL!