International award for beauty salons

Apply and find out all the details on the website:

It is the highest level of recognition for a beauty salon. Recognition by the customer!

TOP SALON ESTEL is a sign that the best of beauty salons celebrate. Salons that are trusted by clients.

Anyone can nominate a salon award. All you have to do is apply on the website. All applications are received by the Committee from “secret customers”. The working principle of the Committee is similar to the working principle of the inspectors for the famous Michelin-starred restaurants award.

Award winners include Russian and foreign salons, passing customer verification of compliance with high standards. Professional staff, excellent service, a pleasant atmosphere, demand, aesthetics in details and impeccable ethics in relation to the client are the distinctive features of a top salon. If you know of a beauty salon that meets these criteria, but for some reason has not yet received the award, we are waiting for your application!

Deadline for submitting works: unlimited.

Warning! The event period may vary. Follow news on our site.