Video art contest

Apply and find out all the details on the website:

Apply and find out all the details on the website:

Create a movie that inspires millions of viewers. Reveal creative potential. Talk about your vocation – and get international recognition! That’s what ESTEL Video Awards is about!

The international ESTEL Video Awards reveals the depth and beauty of hairdressing art. Each participant’s film is a bold statement about himself, his work, his vision of fashion, art and respect for the most important thing – his vocation!

ESTEL Video Awards brings together designers, make-up artists, stylists and videographers from all over the world.

This is an opportunity to demonstrate your skills and show your work as you can see it yourself, in a 360° review. This is an opportunity to assert oneself and obtain recognition among beauty industry professionals and customers.

Unlimited space for self-expression. Inspiration and energy. Unforgettable impressions. All that is EVA!

Delivery period: March 15 to August 8.

Warning! The competition time may vary. Follow the news on our website.